The MUD of Saint Lucia

by Connie

Making MUDDY Handprints!

The Sulphur Springs of St. Lucia are remarkable and unlike any other tourist attraction I have visited. Although highly recommended by locals and frequently visited by tourists,  including celebrities like Oprah, the springs are said to be rejuvenating, energizing, and a natural wonder.

The springs are a result of the collapsed Soufrier Volcano which last erupted in the 1700’s and is now considered dormant. The mud baths are filled with minerals from the volcano and are suppose to help detoxify the body and provide relief to skin ailments such as sun burns, arthritis, and even ease sore joints, as well as decrease your age by ten years!

While visiting the hot spring, you are instructed not to test the water but simply walk down the four steps into a shared pool. The water is not crystal clear, but rather a dark grey, smooth liquid that is opaque and slightly slimy. The temperature of the water is above 100 degrees and the heat is an initial shock, especially when the temperature outdoors is quite warm.

After about three to four minutes, you are encouraged to step out of the pool and under a bridge where a gentleman is mixing the mud in wine-like pales.

The mud is not brown but grey and rough. Tiny little grains make up the mixture and you are told to lather yourself and apply the mud freely.

The gentleman encouraged all of us to apply it to our face and rub to exfoliate the skin. Unsure of what exactly was in the mixture, I was naturally hesitant but after feeling the softness of the mud on my stomach and thighs, I decided that I had already come this far and began to apply the mud to my face. The coolness of the paste was marvellous and calmed the sunburn forming on my nose.

Friends who had joined me on the tour stood with me alongside of the creek as we dried out like prunes.

The mud hardened in every crease of my skin making it feel painted. If I touched my face, tiny flakes of mud would sand off.

A few moments later, we were ushered back into the same spring pool and we were able to rinse of. The natural minerals in the mud and water seemed to reverberate through my skin and into my muscles – I really felt alive.

The pores on my skin felt renewed and I could not wait to look into a mirror to see the age-difference – after taking a selfie (lol).

I realized that I was the same beautiful age and that the only permanent change was the massive smile on my face for having experienced another (in my opinion) natural world wonder.

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